This is Volvo On Call

The ultimate driving companion to help make life feel less complicated.

Enhance your automotive experience with Volvo On Call*, featuring luxury amenities and dynamic solutions to life’s unexpected problems – all from your smartphone or smartwatch. You’re in control of the ultimate driving experience with Volvo On Call, standard with every new Volvo.

New Feature - Digital Service Booking

Enjoy a personalized experience by scheduling your next service appointment through your Volvo on Call app.

Some benefits include:

  • Service reminders
  • On-demand scheduling
  • Preferred retailer
  • Real time retailer availability
  • Price transparency
  • Add appointment to your smartphone calendar
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Cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold

With our remote climate control feature you may never need to wear a coat in the car again.

You can program the parking heater (if fitted) to come on before you get in the car so it’s nice and warm and the windows are defrosted when you get in.

In Volvo cars from 2015 onwards, Volvo On Call enables you to start the engine remotely so you can heat up or cool down the cabin.

Discover new places

Send your destination to your car’s navigation system using Volvo On Call before you leave and it will be ready to go when you are.

Plan your trip and get the approximate duration to destination before getting into the car using the Volvo On Call built-in map.

You can also find parking spaces and their hourly rates and send the destination of those places to your Volvo.

Locks, fuel, maintenance, driving journal

Volvo On Call will present you with all the information you need to know about your car, whether it is :

• locked
• in use
• the current fuel range
• the temperature outside the car
• access to the owner’s manual
• maintenance needs
• and a driving journal that can help you to keep track of your personal and/or business use of the car including trips taken and mileage accumulated.
• It will also let you know if the alarm has been triggered.

Get Volvo On Call

It has never been easier to sign up or to renew your existing Volvo On Call subscription. A valid subscription is the base to enable all of the functionality outlined above. If you currently have limited functionality in your Volvo On Call app it is time to renew your subscription.

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Connect to your calendar

By giving Volvo On Call access to your calendar the app can let you know when it is time to leave and even send the location of your appointment to your Volvos Navigation system.

Where did you park?

Have you ever had difficulty finding your car in a large car park? Volvo On Call will help you to locate your car using the map in the app. You can also flash the lights and sound the horn so you can locate your car quickly.

Own a Plug-in Hybrid?

Users of Plug-in Hybrid vehicles have access to a number of additional smart functions via their Volvo On Call mobile app, such as pre-heating and cooling, delayed charging, battery status, favorite charging locations and a reminder to connect the charging cable if this has not been done by a predetermined time.

Your Day Made Easier with Volvo On Call

From saving you time in the morning to helping you relax on the way home, Volvo On Call becomes an indispensable part of your daily routine.

Start seamlessly

Begin your day with peace of mind, knowing your car is fully charged with charging updates in the Volvo On Call app.

A step further

In sync with your calendar, get to your first meeting effortlessly by sending the address from your Volvo On Call app directly to your car’s navigation system.

Never lost

Find your parked car with ease using the car locator map in the Volvo On Call app and use the honk and flash function to pin point your car’s exact location.

Key to convenience

While at work, get your packages delivered straight to your car with In-car Delivery in partnership with Key by Amazon. Order status is tracked in the Volvo On Call app.

Custom comfort

Before leaving the office, remotely start your Volvo through the Volvo On Call app to warm up or cool down the car before getting in.

Rest easy

Getting ready for a new day, lock your car from the comfort of your home via the Volvo On Call app.

Share your car with family and friends

Volvo On Call makes it easy to share your car with others for a certain period of time.

Wherever you or your car is, you can give friends or family members instant access. They can open the car with their mobile phone and then activate a special key that only works during the time they are allowed to borrow your car.

Smart, easy and secure. The Car Sharing service is available for the XC40 on selected markets.

Taking care of you

Customer care center

With Volvo On Call you can experience the relief of having instant knowledge and personal support at the touch of a button (available in certain markets).

If you are driving in heavy city traffic looking for a nice café or restaurant, or other point of interest, for example – just press the On Call button in the car to get in touch with a Volvo On Call operator. Tell the operator what you’re looking for, and in seconds your Sensus navigation system starts to guide you to the location.

Maybe you want to call somebody but don’t know the number? Press the button, and the Volvo On Call operator will send you the number or connect you instantly. Volvo On Call is like having a personal assistant by your side, 24/7.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

You can always connect your Volvo to the internet and access the in-car apps by creating a connection via your own mobile phone (tethering). But with Volvo On Call, you can enjoy an even stronger, more reliable connection and the possibility of creating an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot, with the capacity to connect up to eight devices.

This is made possible by built-in Volvo On Call car modem and an additional SIM-card. Your 4G (Dependent on model) signal is strong and consistent because you’re using the Volvo On Call roof aerial, making it easy and quick to use the internet.

Where a phone would struggle with finding a signal in the car, the system in your Volvo can often work much better. This constant internet access also ensures that map updates in your car’s navigation system gets regular updates.

Download the Volvo On Call app

You can download the app and try our demo mode and explore many of the functions outlined above using your smartwatch, smartphone or tablet.