IntelliSafe Autopilot

Hand over control to your Volvo and enjoy the ride.

Self-driving cars in action

It will change the world

Autonomous driving, defined by Volvo Cars

In the future, autonomous technology will allow you to let your Volvo do the driving, giving you back control over your time. It will be a completely new, more convenient way to travel and we are already on the road to making it a reality.
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the future of autonomous driving

Sit back and relax

How will you use the extra time you’ll have when your car starts to drive itself? Relax with a newspaper? Meet those last-minute deadlines? Or read a story to the kids? What’s more, you won’t even need to stay in your car when it’s time to park it—you can leave it to find its own vacant spot and park by itself.

Self-driving cars in action – the Drive Me project

We are making sure self-driving cars will fit seamlessly into your life – and into society – with the Drive Me project, our large-scale trial of IntelliSafe Autopilot technology. Carried out by real customers on real roads, it is likely to be the first of its kind in the world.
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The experts who make it happen

Volvo Cars is leading the way in autonomous driving by developing technology that will shape your future mobility. Meet the people that are making it happen.