Why self-driving cars will change the world

Autonomous technology is about to change the way we travel, and the world, for good.

A better way to travel

Self-driving cars will revolutionize society, boost global economies and transform the way you manage your time. It will be the biggest change to personal transport since the invention of the car nearly 130 years ago. We think there’s a lot to look forward to.

Six ways that autonomous driving will improve your life

Reclaim your time

In a self-driving Volvo car you will be able to spend the time on your commute as you want. You will be free to read a book, work, watch a movie or even learn a new skill. With the average commute taking about 50 minutes, this will have a huge impact on our lives.

Save fuel

In autonomous mode a self-driving car is likely to use less fuel. It will know where it is and what’s ahead, and be able to optimise the behaviour of the brakes, powertrain and transmission to make progress as smooth and efficient as possible.

Safer journeys

Fully autonomous cars will be even better at avoiding potential collisions than today’s Volvos. Almost all road accidents are caused by human error, so journeys will be safer for everyone.

Sit back and relax

In an autonomous car you’ll be able to truly relax. Your car will be able to drive the most boring parts of your commute for you and long journeys will be effortless, so you will always arrive fresh at your destination.

Always find a parking space

In the future, you’ll be able to let your car park itself, while you get on with other things. Autonomous cars will be able to find and park in a space, and even drop you off where you want to go first.

Lower insurance premiums

Insurance premiums for self-driving cars could be much lower in the future. Autonomous technology won’t get tired or distracted, greatly reducing the chance of a costly collision.