S60 Sedan Standards

Launching a car. Taking a stand.

Times change. Our values do not.

In 1973, when car safety requirements were a major political issue, we declared that “it shouldn’t take an act of Congress to make cars safe.” In 2018, the issues we face have changed, our values and purpose have not.

Original ad from 1973
New ad from 2018

Taking action.

We’re committed to a healthy environment, the protection of our planet, and the safety of everyone who lives on it.

It’s why Volvo Cars supports year over year increases in fuel economy standards and reduction in carbon emissions.

It’s why we’ve pledged that every Volvo car launched from 2019 onward will be electrified.

It’s why we’ve made the all-new 400-horsepower Volvo S60 sedan a twin-engine, plug-in hybrid.

And it’s why we’ve eliminated diesel engines from the all-new S60 line altogether.
The All-New S60

Introducing the unique sedan that stands apart from the rest.


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