The S90

Song of the Open Road

This advertising campaign for the Volvo S90 tells the story of a writer as he sets out into the world seeking the inspiration he needs to finish his latest project.



During an exchange with a curious waitress, we begin to understand the story he’s trying to tell - repeating elements such as foxes and bees serve as metaphors for his characters, and for the people he meets along the way.



Walt Whitman lived a life completely of his own making, shunning the conservative conventions of his time, and embracing all of the possibilities of the world around him.

Song of the Open Road is a profound example of Whitman’s insatiable appetite for a life well lived. A celebration of mobility and all of the experiences that come with it, the poem serves as a rallying cry, to take to the open road, to embrace the people you meet along the way, and to see the profound beauty the surrounds us all. No matter who you are, or what drives you to live the life you choose to live, Volvo encourages you to embark on that journey yourself.

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