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The Choice

A social experiment about why some people embrace the unknown, while others fear it.

Volvo has always believed that to design the best cars, you must first understand the people who will drive them. We commissioned Vox Creative and the New School to conduct a study examining the differences between two types of people: Those who embrace the unknown and those who fear it. This is the result of that study. 

The All-New Volvo XC60

Equipped with more standard features and thoughtful innovation, the all-new XC60 is built for people who look forward to the future. The interior is outfitted with leather seats, a state-of-the-art Sensus system and Panoramic Moonroof that keep you comfortable and connected. Advanced safety technology includes standard steering support and automatic braking that work together to help you avoid or mitigate collisions. The Drive-E powertrain combines gasoline and plug-in hybrid platforms to provide unparalleled performance and fuel efficiency. Delivering refined comfort and better value, the all-new XC60 sets a higher standard.
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