When asked what Cross Country means to him, Robin Page, Senior Vice President of Design, sums it up: “It’s about escapism. At the weekend, you see everyone, especially in Sweden, which is very outdoorsy, disappearing off to the countryside, the seaside, the forest.”

For Robin, designing the new V60 Cross Country was about expressing and enabling this lifestyle. “What really got us excited when we designed this car was looking at the type of high-end active equipment that people use, and that is increasingly becoming high fashion. We wanted to capture that here.”

Honesty is the bedrock for this car, believes Robin. “It’s about how it fits into your life. And, for me, creating things that actually enhance peoples’ lives and connect with how they live is more interesting than designing a sports car that’s never used as a sports car.”

Bold yet elegant, rugged yet dynamic – the new V60 Cross Country is a car with a character like no other. “It has a unique presence,” says Robin. “It’s the physical expression of the car’s abilities, and of the active lives led by the people who will buy it.”