Celebrating safety behind the scenes

For nearly 100 years, Volvo Cars has been committed to helping keep people safe. This awards season, we recognize the Hollywood professionals who share our commitment to safety.

Safety heroes, on set

The professionals featured in our film work hard to keep people safe in every production. From rigging complex lighting equipment, to designing intricate camera moves, to checking and rechecking gear – each and every one of them play an integral role in helping keep people safe on set. Because when you feel safe, you can be truly free.

Our cast is a real crew. The professionals featured in our film work behind the scenes on sets.

Stunt Safety Expert - woman standing in room

Nikkilette Wright, Stunt Safety

There’s nothing more compelling than an action sequence—but there’s also risk inherent in every stunt. Nikkilette and her team are the trained professionals who relentlessly train, rehearse, choreograph and plan in order to pull off spectacles that the rest of the world can only dream of.

Movie Lighting Technician - Man standing on movie set

Andrew Korner, Chief Lighting Technician

Before the camera starts rolling and the action begins, you need lights. Andrew and his team are in charge of setting up and operating all the lighting on set. Complicated equipment and powerful electric currents mean that Andrew must make sure proper safety protocols are followed, from first take to final shot.

Best Boy Grip - Woman standing outside

Melanie A. Ragone, Best Boy Grip

Grips are skilled technicians in charge of all things camera support and lighting. Melanie assists in leading her crew in rigging and bringing the Director of Photography's vision to life. Heavy gear, high pressure, and inclement weather are the norm. But even when production is in a rush, Melanie ensures conditions are safe before filming.

Stunt Woman Performer - Woman standing outside

Nailah Johnson, Stunt Performer

Stunt performers are the unsung heroes of filmmaking. They pull off the jaw-dropping feats that make movies pop off the screen. Nailah is dedicated to her craft. She brings years of training, raw athleticism, and an unwavering commitment to safety—elevating her stunts from action to artform.

Movie Stunt Coordinator

Steve Brown, Stunt Coordinator

Stunt coordinators design and choreograph intense action sequences – while keeping each performer’s safety top of mind. A talented performer in his own right, Steve knows how to bring out the best of every actor — creating sequences that thrill, without ever compromising on safety.

Volvo Cars and Movie Set Safety - Men and women on a movie set

What if feeling safe could make you feel truly free?

We’re stepping into a new era—for safety and for Volvo Cars—where our ambition isn’t just to protect your life. It's to help you live your best life.

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