Booking service should be easy.

Use the Digital Service Booking tool, book through the retailer website, or call your retailer directly to plan your next service.

Schedule service with a tap.

Enhance your ownership experience with our personalized Volvo Digital Service Booking tool. Using this newly enhanced feature, you can seamlessly schedule your next service appointment through the Volvo On Call app*.

Some benefits include:
Service reminders
On-demand scheduling
Preferred retailer
Real time retailer availability
Price transparency
Add appointment to your smartphone calendar
Find out how

Keeping you connected.

We are continuously improving the digitization of service and vehicle maintenance.

You can book your next service appointment with Digital Service Booking through the Volvo On Call app, online, or over the phone through your authorized Volvo retailer. 
Ask to communicate with your retailer through text to stay up to date on the status of your service. 
Receive photos and videos describing services and repairs that may be needed and leverage alternative payment methods such as over the phone or digital payment+. 
Ask about our convenient pickup and delivery options to ensure you get the service you need while maintaining a safe surrounding.

Questions about Digital Service Booking? We have answers.

  • Booking service in the Volvo on Call App

    You can now book service for your vehicle by following these steps:

    1. In the Volvo On Call app, select the Vehicle tab
    2. Open the Maintenance view
    3. Select the Book Service option
    4. You start the booking by selecting a dealership.  If you already have a preferred dealer set, this will be pre-selected for you.  Otherwise, you will be able to select your preferred dealership from a list.
    5. Select the service you would like to book.  If nothing matches what you need, you can select "Tell us more" and describe what you need in the message.
    6. Select a date and time when you will bring your car to the dealer.  For dealers providing loaners, you can select to request a loaner car and you will then see time slots in which a loaner car is available.
    7. Verify that all provided information in the appointment summary looks correct and then confirm the appointment.
    8. You will see a confirmation page where you can select to save the appointment to your default calendar.
    9. If you close the confirmation page, you will see the appointment date and time in the Home tab.


  • How do I add a Digital Service Booking appointment to my calendar?

    To add your upcoming service appointment to your default calendar:
    Open the Home tab in the Volvo On Call app
    Open the appointment by selecting the upcoming service
    Save to your default calendar

  • Can I View My Upcoming Service Appointments?

    You are able to view your upcoming service appointments in the Volvo On Call App.

    In the app, select the Vehicle tab
    Select to open the Maintenance view
    If needed, scroll down until you see the Service section of the view.  Here you will see all of your upcoming service appointments and you can select one of the appointments to see details or cancel it.

  • Notifications in Digital Service Booking

    If you are not receiving notifications for service bookings, please be sure to check the notifications settings in the Volvo On Call app, under Profile, and Notifications.

  • How Do I Cancel A Digital Service Booking Appointment?

    If you need to cancel your appointment, you can easily do that in the Volvo On Call app:

    In the app, open the Home tab
    Open the appointment you wish to cancel by selecting Upcoming Service
    On the bottom of the page you will see the option to cancel the appointment
    Select and verify that you want to cancel your appointment

  • Do I need to have a smartphone and active Volvo On Call subscription to utilize Digital Service Booking?

    The Volvo On Call app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is designed for most smartphones and is available only with paid for or a complimentary Volvo On Call subscription. 

  • How do I change my preferred retailer in Digital Service Booking?

    Within Volvo On Call app, select Car tab, select Book Service, click on the blue hyper link “Your preferred retailer”. Select your choice of Volvo Cars retailer from the list shown or by using the Search location functionality. Before moving on, select the “Save as preferred retailer” checkbox.

  • What if I want to request a vehicle service that is not listed in Digital Service Booking?

    If nothing matches what you need, you can select "Tell us more" and describe what you need in the message.

  • I would like to request a loaner vehicle, but no available times show?

    Please call the selected retailer or try a different retailer.

*Standard Connectivity includes initial 4-year free trial of the Volvo On Call app. Volvo On Call permissions do not affect any emergency services in event of an accident. Vehicle immobilization available in some states.