Volvo Cars has partnered with celebrated photographer Martin Schoeller to tell the stories of people saved by safety belts in a new experiential installation at Fotografiska New York, the premier destination for photography and culture. 

Known for his work photographing world leaders and athletes, movie stars  and the homeless, indigenous groups and exonerated death row inmates, Schoeller used his signature, extreme close-up portrait style to capture the emotions of regular people who experienced significant trauma but survived because an invention Volvo shared with the world 62 years ago was instrumental in saving their lives.

The installation is housed in the Fotografiska V Bar, a restored nineteenth-century chapel. Visitors to A Million More are greeted by a glass-enclosed display of an original Volvo three-point safety belt from 1966, along with its origin story and how its development led to saving more than a million lives. Inside, powerful portraits carefully placed at safe distances around the room allow for contemplation while recorded voices of survivors telling their stories play in the background. A glass etching of the written patent reflects how Volvo put life over profit.

The installation is open now, through April 25th. To learn more go to

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