Future Imagined

Sustainability is as important to Volvo cars as safety. We know what we need to do for a better future, but everyone has a role. This installation in Brooklyn New York, is a view of a more sustainable future, from the perspective of a local artist.

Volvo Cars is committed to set the highest standards of sustainability and safety. We are part of the problem, so we want to be part of the solution. In addition to being fully electric by 2030, we are also working towards climate-neutrality, embracing the circular economy and conducting our business operations responsibly, we help protect the planet and contribute to a fairer society.
We asked local artist, Yazmany Arboleda, what he imagines Brooklyn, New York could look like in 2030 if we all leaned into sustainability. 6 locations, 6 murals - all from his imagination. 
Climate change is the ultimate safety test.
Volvo will host an exciting panel discussion focusing on a more sustainable future for Brooklyn, and beyond.  This event will occur at the end of the summer, so please fill out this form to get updates, and an invitation.
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Yazmany Arboleda

Yazmany is a Colombian American artist based in New York City. An architect by training, Yazmany’s practice focuses on creating “living Sculptures,” people coming together the world through co-creating. Over the past two decades he has created public art projects with communities in India, Japan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Afghanistan, Spain, Colombia and the United States.

He has collaborated with Carnegie Hall, the Yale School of management, and BRIC among others. He is currently the artist in residence at IntegrateNYC and the associate director of communications for Artists Striving To End Poverty, as well as the associate director of communications for Artists As Citizens Conference. He has lectured at UNC, MIT and LPAC about the power of art in public space.
This activation has been created in collaboration with Colossal Media, the global leader of hand painted outdoor advertising.