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An update on COVID-19 - June 23, 2020

26 OCTOBER 2020

Overseas Delivery Announcement

As you know, the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation continues to affect all aspects of our lives.  As the situation continues to develop, it is our goal to ensure you have the information you need and that - above all else - you remain safe!  
We continue to monitor the situation closely with the US and Swedish government on their guidelines for international travel. On Friday, it was announced that international travel ban into Sweden has been extended.  For the safety of our customers and our employees, we have made the decision to suspend deliveries in Sweden through January 3, 2021. This decision has been made to keep in guidelines with both the US and Swedish government.  Therefore, for your convenience, we have created a simple webform explaining your options regarding future travel and delivery of your new Volvo.  Please follow the link below and select the option that you are most comfortable with at this time.  Thank You and please stay well.

If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues in reaching your Volvo dealer due to temporary closures please contact Volvo Customer Care at overseas@volvoforlife.com.

Volvo Overseas Delivery Travel Options:

Best Regards,

Your Volvo Overseas Delivery Team

Current Overseas Delivery customers with a Volvo on order

For those with scheduled delivery dates through January 3, 2021 will have the following options:

Option 1*:
Travel: Reschedule your trip to Gothenburg within the next twelve (12) months. 
Vehicle Delivery: We will ship your Volvo as soon as it’s ready. Note: Unit must be paid in full before shipping.

Option 2*: 
Travel: Cancel your travel indefinitely.  You will still have the option to re-book your travel within the twelve (12) months of your original scheduled delivery date.
Vehicle Delivery:  We will ship your Volvo as soon as it’s ready.   Note: Unit must be paid in full before shipping.

Option 3*: 
Travel: Reschedule your trip within six months from January 3, 2021

Vehicle Delivery: Hold my car at the delivery center until I travel (January 3rd-June 30th)

Considering an order of a Volvo through the Overseas Delivery Program

Design your customized Volvo today and travel when you are comfortable – Freedom to move when it’s right for you.  If the COVID-19 situation has not improved and/or travel bans are not lifted as your delivery date approaches, we will ship your Volvo and you can reschedule your travel within twelve (12) months as noted above.

In summary, please rest assured - if you have ordered a new Volvo or are considering ordering one, we at Volvo want you to travel when it is safe and when you feel comfortable doing so.  The health and well-being of you and your family is our top priority.  If you have any questions, please contact your retailer or our Customer Care Team (overseas@volvoforlife.com).   

You will still receive the same benefits as you would have when picking up your Volvo including the hotel accommodation at the Clarion Post, the factory tour and dinner.  We will have your Volvo shipped to your retailer as soon as it is available to book for shipment.   
Best Regards,
Your Volvo Overseas Delivery team 

*Please note the following: Final payment must be completed with the retailer before your car can be released, your travel destination will need to remain Gothenburg, a rental car will not be provided in Sweden, any change fees or difference in fares will be covered by Volvo as it relates to the Airfare to and from Gothenburg to your hometown. Volvo is not responsible for reimbursements of any additional travel booked outside of the program offer or any additional airfare or hotel accommodations purchased by the customer.  No cash reimbursement will be made if a customer chooses not to travel.