25th Technoclassica – All About Passion

Published 12:00 AM, April 17 2013

Who said something about a Euro crisis? There can be no such thing, at least not in the classic vehicle hobby. The 25th TechnoClassica broke the 200,000 visitor barrier and filled the 15 halls with more cars, bikes and related items than ever. And the trend is obvious – there are more and more really expensive cars sold. Money to spend on classic cars are still plentiful. 

Run between April 10 – 14, the TechnoClassica in Essen is the world’s largest show for classic vehicles and this once again proved to be true. Here you can find anything related to the classic vehicle hobby, from washers to cars with a price tag of several million Euros. The most expensive car on sale was priced at 6,500,000 Euros (!) and more and more really expensive cars are changing hands, while the mid-priced and cheaper cars move more slowly. 

Stoffel Mulier, the owner of the Ockelbo-Volvo, was kept busy showing the features of his beautiful little car. The Ockelbo was probably the car at the Volvo that attracted the most interest because it is maybe one of the most odd ‘Volvos’ in existence. 

Priceless passion

The cars exhibited at the Volvo Cars Heritage stand could all have been sold ten times over if they had been for sale. Shown under the theme “Volvo – The Passion” they attracted both interest and affection; some people could simply not take ‘no’ for an answer when the asked if they could buy one of the cars. Although the cars at the stand were not for sale, the discussions with visitors circled a lot around the ownership of a classic Volvo. Many proud owners told stories about cars they have and drive, others are eager to join the family of classic Volvo drivers and asked for advice. 

The lovely red PV445 Valbo convertible could have been sold many times over to people who just fell in love with. The car is its owner’s pride, passion and joy and is not for sale. There are only a handful of these unusual Volvos in existence. 

A Volvo from the 50s, 60s or 70s is a fun and straightforward car to own and use. Prices are still moderate although some models are really starting to pick up, like the 1800s, and some are even priceless, like the Valbo convertible. The TechnoClassica is an excellent forum to see the cars and to talk about them with the experts. Many people went home to think the matter over and we will hopefully see more and more classic Volvos rolling in the future. Some people love to rebuild, other want to drive, and some just want to keep the car in the garage as a piece of art, and investment. Volvo Cars Heritage will be back in Essen in 2014, with a new exciting theme and fascinating Volvo cars. The dates for the next show are March 27 – 30 2014. See you there! 

Where Volvo Cars Heritage goes, the elk mascot Helge goes. He has been to more TechnoClassica shows and other events than he can remember. Here he keeps an eye on the big beautiful TR679 from 1934, a true Volvo classic and a fine piece of quality pre-war machinery.