A Lot Of Reds At Träffpunkt 80

Published 12:00 AM, September 23 2012

Träffpunkt 80 – the annual event for cars 1979-1990 – was again held in the beautiful Swedish countryside surrounding Grytsbergs Säteri close to Stockholm. 

This year, the theme was the colour red. In total more than 100 red cars of different brands showed up as a result. And many others too. Unlike this past summer in Sweden, the weather showed it's best side. 

The beautiful little manor house Grytsbergs Säteri was once again the venue for Träffpunkt 80. Red cars was this years theme and over a 100 of them appeared.  

Volvo Cars Heritage was also there, presenting a lovely red Volvo 740 GL from 1985. The car was in fact the only red Volvo 740 at this meet. It is still used by its owner on a daily basis and runs very smooth and quiet. Many elderly people came up to the car and exclaimed " Ohh, I had one of those as a company car in the 80s" . This is indeed a car that ewokes memories. 

The red Volvo 740 GL from 1985 turned out to be the only red 740 present. When this car was new, red was one it’s most popular colours. 

Counting all colours, a total of 13 Volvos participated. Most of them 240s. The most eye-catching among these was a 240 estate in perfect condition that once belonged to the Swedish National Telephone Company. The current owner actually drove it when on duty as an employee of the company at the time, and managed to buy it when it was taken out of active service. It is still fully equipped with all the meters and tools. 

Orange is also a very interesting colour and when the condition of the car is like this, it makes up a very nice sight. 

The organisers behind this meet, the Klassiker magazine, could once again note that the event was a big success, both in terms of show cars and visitors. It will definitely be staged again next autumn and people have already started guessing what next year's theme will be.