A Mecca for classic Volvos

Published 12:00 AM, September 2 2015
The 80th anniversary of the very rare PV36 “Carioca” – only 500 made – was represented by this beautiful example.

The world´s biggest Volvo meet was traditionally held an August weekend, more specifically 21 – 23 August. Approximately 600 classic Volvos from all over Europe gathered in Gothenburg harbour, in the area around the Volvo Museum. The unusually pleasant Swedish summer weather draw more than 4500 visitors to the meet.

Quite a few enthusiasts started the meet already Friday, driving the full range of new Volvo models on the track of Volvo Cars Demo Center. That experience was combined with a factory tour, seeing the all-new Volvo XC90 being built.

Saturday was rally day, 150 cars drove 120 km on beautiful country roads answering tricky questions along the way. The day finished with a barbecue followed by a lecture about Volvo´s motor sport history by Per Olof Jondelius, one of the most knowledgeable Volvo historians around.

A row of pristine Volvo classics from Volvo Cars Heritage, from a 1946 PV60 to a 1988 760 GLE.

The highlight, however, was of course the big meet on the Sunday. A number of anniversaries were acknowledged: PV36 “Carioca” 80 years, Volvo 66 40 years and Volvo 780 30 years.

The fact that Volvo in 1985 won the European touring car championship - as well as the German DTM - with the 240 Turbo was highlighted with a parade of “Group A” cars.

In 1985 nobody could beat the 240 Turbo in the European Touring car Championship. A number of these “Group A” cars was shown at the 2015 VROM.

Photos: Mårten Carlsson