A Successful 20th Anniversary At Tjolöholm

Published 12:00 AM, May 19 2013

In 1993, a small gang of classic car enthusiasts and Volvo Cars’ Claes Rydholm joined forces to arrange the first Tjolöholm Classic Show. 20 years later, this event has grown to be one of the major classic vehicle events in Sweden. Over the years, the sponsor roles have changed but Volvo Cars Heritage is always an enthusiastic guest and has been so 19 times out of a possible 20! On May 19, the beautiful Tudor-style castle 35 km south of Gothenburg was again ‘invaded’ by classic cars, motorbikes, scooters, moped, bicycles, trucks, buses, stationary engines and even old aero planes. The slowest self-propelled vehicle on wheels was a steam traction engine with a top speed of 3.2 kph while the fastest one on display was the jet-engined monster of Swede Arnold Sundqvist. His ‘car’ has a top speed of close to 1000 kph! Theoretically.

Volvo Cars Heritage drove the Volvo Duett from 1957 that is used on official business during the warm period of the year. The choice of the Duett was not just for fun. It was also to manifest the fact that in a few month’s time, the Duett will celebrate its 60th anniversary, being a year younger than the VCH manager ;-) As always, the appearance of Volvo Cars Heritage is also a manifestation of the Volvo passion; an obvious visual fact at every classic vehicle event. At Tjolöholm, the Volvo passion was represented by the PV club, the Amazon club, the P1800 club, the 480 club, the 140 club, the 164 club and Club 262 & 780. Add to that also the presence of many Volvo cars belonging to other vintage car clubs and sports cars with Volvo engines like Marcos, De Lorean, JC Indigo and Ginetta. 

Volvo Cars Heritage used the company transporter – the now well-known 1957duo-tone Duett – for the trip to Tjolöholm. This car is not only nice to drive and to look at, but can take almost any amount of luggage and things that are needed for an outdoor event. A practical classic indeed! The large roof rack is a perfect advertising platform. 

More than 1,200 classic cars had registered to be part of the show and many more arrived as visitors. Some 8,000 people turned up to enjoy the very best of what the classic vehicle culture can offer and were greatly rewarded. One of the most popular points on the programme was the firing up of a Rolls Royce V12 Merlin engine and if you wanted to see and hear one of these engines at work, you only had to lift your eyes towards the sky and watch a magnificent Spitfire MK XVI WWII fighter plane – owned by the Biltema car accessory company – doing daring aerobatics. A thrill for ears and eyes. 

An outdoor event stands and falls with the weather, and this time Tjolöholm Classic Motor Show was extremely lucky. When the show closed in the afternoon, Tjolöholm ‘Big chief’ Claes Jaurelius could sit back and relax a little, adding yet another successful TCM to the list – and then came the rain…! 

The Tjolöholm Castle park was constructed around the castle which was built during the first years of the 1900s and it has been the venue of many events over the years. The location, the beautiful surroundings and the large open spaces, make Tjolöholm the perfect place for outdoor activities.