Meet Me In St. Louis 2012

Published 12:00 AM, June 1 2012

Between June 1 and 3, Volvo Cars Heritage went west to attend the first big club event of the season – to St. Louis, Missouri, and the National meet of Volvo Club of America, arranged and hosted by the VCOA Gateway Chapter.

The 3-day event attracted some 200 Volvos from almost all parts of the US, ranging from PVs to XC90s. Many of them were 1800s and there were also a handful of anniversary celebrating Amazon estates. The award for the longest distance travelled went to a ’63 PV544 which had covered 1800 miles (3000 km) on the road from Bakersfield, California, to get to St. Louis.

Driving to St. Louis in the dark was certainly no problem for the owner of this 240 in rally guise!

The car show on Saturday in the historic Forest Park, venue of the 1904 World’s Fair, was a great event, and the interest and enthusiasm of the members was on absolute top. The trophy jury had a hard time to single out cars that were better than others because of the generally high standard among the exhibitioners. The Champion’s Class was eventually won by a mist green PV544 which was like new and the Best in Show Trophy went to a nice original low-mileage 244 with a happy lady owner.

Volvo Cars of North America displayed a piece of the future in the form of a C30 Electric among the slightly elder Volvos and days gone by were also the subject for the dinner speeches. Claes Rydholm presented the Heritage activities and Lars-Erik Lundin, project leader of the 850 project (and several others) shared some fascinating memories of what it was like to have a key role in Volvo’s rear wheel to front wheel drive transition at the beginning of the 1990s.

The historic St. Louis Forest Park was the venue of the VCOA car show on June 2 when all sorts of Volvos turned up for the exhibition. 

Sunday meant a Volvo rally through the beautiful Midwest landscape with its mix of rolling hills and open spaces. A challenging mix of twisting country roads and wide open highways took the participants on a scenic 2-hour ride that ended at a local Volvo dealer. The whole event was well-staged by the local VCOA chapter and made possible thanks to the support of two Volvo dealers in the area and sponsors.