The 4th Vcc Enthusiast Vehicle Day

Published 12:00 AM, May 22 2013

For the fourth time, Volvo Cars employees who have any kind of hobby or collector’s vehicle were invited to show them to other colleagues on May 22, the so-called Volvo Cars Vehicle Enthusiast Exhibition, held in one of the big parking lots next to one of the VCC offices. 

In spite of the grey skies and some rain, blue and white collar enthusiasts from all departments and sections of the company – and visitors from other nearby companies – came to look at cars, motorbikes and other technical contraptions. There were lots of opportunities to discuss vehicle history and technical matters with other like-minded colleagues. Even maybe solve some current problems. Many makes and models were represented, some of them disappeared from the market long ago, but as usual there were also newer and exclusive models from some of the specialist car manufacturers that are active today.

Of course Volvo Cars Heritage used an anniversary vehicle for the Volvo Cars enthusiast day. On July 4th, the Duett will celebrate its 60th anniversary. On that very day in 1953, Volvo founder and president Assar Gabrielsson took delivery of the very first Duett car for his own personal use. It was also his idea to build the Duett in the first place. 

Volvo Cars Heritage once again used the ‘house Duett’ to mark its presence. For VCH it is important to not only to show up at major national and international events but also to be present when there are heritage activities in the Volvo Cars’ own backyard. The enthusiasts behind this excellent initiative are VCC engineers Hans-Göran Milding and Richard Andersson.