The ultimate 40th anniversary gift

Published 12:00 AM, June 5 2013

The orange-coloured Volvo 1800ES from 1973 of Norwegian Petter Aasland, got the ultimate gift for its 40th anniversary. For the first time in its life, the car was finally given the opportunity to use all its four gears, and the overdrive, at a ceremony at the Volvo Cars Demo Centre. The beautiful and shiny car has only covered 470 km since it left the Volvo factory in 1973, and has only been driven in first and second gears. 

Having been on display in the reception area of the VCI building since January, Volvo Cars Heritage arranged so that the owner and his car were given the opportunity to experience some magic moments together. This unique occasion was staged in the presence of a small group of Volvo enthusiasts who joined in the celebration and raised their lemonade glasses for a happy future of both car and owner.

A proud owner and his car: Petter Aasland and his 1973 1800ES, now with some more miles on the meter and the new experience of having been driven in all gears!