“Volvo – The Passion” Is The Theme For The 25th Technoclassica Show

Published 12:00 AM, March 1 2013

The Volvo passion – an international movement

Volvo cars are sold in more than 100 countries all over the world and in all these countries, the interest, enthusiasm and passion for Volvo's cars is evident. The Volvo passion is a movement that sidelines human or cultural differences. It knows no limits and crosses all borders. It stands above differences in gender, age, religion or political conviction. Everybody is welcome to share the Volvo passion and a good place to do it is at the 25th TechnoClassica. 

This beautiful red Volvo PV445 Valbo convertible, one of only five still existing, will be shown by Volvo Cars Heritage at the 25th TechnoClassica in Essen, April 10-14. 

Six Volvos or Volvo-based cars that symbolize this passion will be displayed on the Volvo stand:

– a 1934 TR679 seven-seater sedan, a very rare big Volvo and in mint condition

– a 1953 PV445 Valbo Convertible, a beautiful passion red coachbuilt vehicle

– a 1954 PV445 Ringborg Pickup, a pretty little workhorse in shiny dress

– a 1953 Ockelbo-Volvo Sports Racer, modeled on a 1950s Ferrari

– a 1963 1800S, the only existing Volvo painted in test colour number 87

– a 2009 Caresto Hot Rod Jakob Woody, a wild prize-winning hot rod based on Volvo parts

Responsible for Volvo Cars’ participation at the TechnoClassica is Volvo Cars Heritage, the department that cares for the history and heritage of the company and its cars. The Volvo Cars Heritage stand is located in Hall 3, stand number 3.0-257. 

For more information about classic Volvos, contact heritage@volvocars.com. You can also visit the TechnoClassica webiste, www.siha.de.

The wild and fantastic Caresto Volvo Hot Rod Jakob Woody (!), built by creative and skilled Swedish auto designer Leif Tufvesson, is one of the six passionate Volvo cars at the Volvo Cars Heritage stand.