Volvofrënn Spring Meet 2012

Published 12:00 AM, June 9 2012

Centrally located between France, Belgium and Germany, the small country of Luxembourg is the home of Volvofrënn Lëtzebuerg, one of the most active Volvo clubs. During the weekend of June 9-10, the club staged one of its two major get-togethers, attracting guests also from the neighbouring countries and Switzerland. The cars varied from PV444 up to more modern versions like the V70 R. Coming straight from the US Volvo club meet in St. Louis, Volvo Cars Heritage manager Claes Rydholm took an active part in the proceeding and drove an excellent PV544 in the 200 km rally, belonging to the club’s president, and throughly enjoyed the good quality roads and beautiful landscape of the country.

One of the stops during the rally, which included some 75 cars, was at the Schloss Amsenburg in the valley of the seven castles.

The rally took the particnants to several beautiful and interesting place, which even included a visit to a factory of a delicatessen specialist, proving that everything during a Volvo meet doesn’t necessarily have to do with cars. The weather – sunshine – helped to keep people happy and of course none of the old Volvo caused any problems during the drive. 

Stopping for photos is always a must during a scenic drive in the countryside and some owners are more meticulous than others in the preparations.

The meet was rounded off in a very friendly atmosphere and proved that the language of Volvo enthusiasm is international and understood by all involved, no matter where, and is always encouraging to experience for . Greeting were passed from Gothenburg and the US, and taken back, and will be passed on from country to country during the season which is hectic but thrilling for all involved. 

During August 16-18 2013, Volvofrënn Lëtzebuerg will host the 5th IVM Meeting. For more information, go to