Vrom 2013 – Where Volvo Fans Meet

Published 12:00 AM, November 8 2013

The Volvo Rendezvous & Owners Meeting – renamed earlier this year – was held during the weekend of August 9 –11. Like every VROM before, it was a great place to be for every Volvo fan. Being a Volvo enthusiast is an international passion and international it certainly was. Visitors arrived from all over Europe including Russia and Volvo Club of America had flown over with 48 people to to spend a week experiencing Volvo and meeting soulmates. 

VROM is held every year during the second weekend in August at Arendal, the area close to the Volvo Cars Headquarters. Where the Volvo Museum is located. It is a big happy event, open to everyone and the is no admission. 

Friday the 9th was spent in and around Gothenburg, experiencing the history of the city from a touring bus and on board an old tram from the early 1950s which had been rented for the purpose.

Saturday meant rally as usual. Using the Saab Museum in Trollhättan as starting point for the rally, it ran down to Gothenburg and the Volvo Museum over small country roads. Several checkpoints along the route with question and practical tests, kept the participants busy and the rally proved to be a real challenge for the crews of the almost 120 cars that took part. 

Several of the VCOA (Volvo Club America) members rode along as passengers, making many new friends. After the rally had finished outside Volvo Museum, Volvo Cars Heritage invited all Volvo enthusiasts to Volvohallen for an informal dinner which was rounded off by an interesting presentation by former Volvo engineer Lars Erik Lundin who shared some fascinating memories from his days as technical project leader of the 850 and many other cars. 

The full programme on Sunday ran from early morning to late afternoon. Dark skies at firs,t but the rain stayed away for the rest of the day, and when the visitors were greeted by the new Volvo Museum manager, Sören Nyeboe, the sun came out. The visitors were then entertained by speaker Kenneth Tonef during the whole day. He kept a high pace and talked almost continuously, interviewing Volvo owners that represented many different Volvo models, some of them really rare. 

The beautiful 445 Duett of Göran Dalebjörk is one of the very few existing cars from the very first model year, 1953. It was made the symbol for the 60th anniversary at VROM this year. 

Emphasis was put on the big 2013 jubilant, the 60th anniversary of the Duett and at noon the show continued with the world premiere of the colourful trio of Norwegian Volvo enthusiast Petter Aasland – his brand new C70 cars, specially painted in orange, light blue and light my yellow! All done at the factory before the production ended in June. People rushed towards these cars as flies towards a lump of sugar, and never let go. 

Norwegian Volvo enthusiast Petter Aasland put on a great display by showing his fantastic new C70 cars, specially painted in orange, light blue and light yellow with matching interiors. To make people realize that these were all original Volvo colours, three cars from the 1970s, also belonging to him, were displayed in parallel. 

The same thing happened to Marianne and Urban Jonsson and their spectacular Volvo 262 C Solaire convertible; one of five US converted 262 specials which they finally have located, bought and shipped over from Georgia. After 32 years of hunting it down! As usual, prizes were handed out to the nicest car from each of the Swedish Volvo clubs represented at VROM, ten in total and special trophies went to extraordinary achievements of which there were three: The Norwegian C70s, the 262 Solaire convertible and to the Volvo Club of America for showing extraordinary enthusiasm and sportsmanship for coming over to Sweden and to VROM with such a large group of club members. 

Marianne and Urban Jonsson from Kil in Värmland received a well deserved trophy for an outstanding Volvo achievement in bringing one of the four existing (out of five built) 262 C Solaire convertible to Sweden. The car can in the future be seen int their Volvo museum in Kil. 

Following the VROM tradition, the exhibition of both classic and some not so classic Volvos – more than 500 of them – was made up by many great exponents of the make, some even unique in their own way. Cars never before seen in public showed up to the astonishment of the many visitors, some 2,500 people. There was also a very good spare parts and automobile market with close to 70 stalls. As usual the Volvo Museum kept its doors open all day and was full of people the whole time. 

Kenneth Tonef and VROM chairman Håkan Gedda closed the day by thanking all visitors and telling them that they are all welcome back in 2013, August 1 – 3, A great day, in a great place with great people and great cars. That’s VROM for you!

Read more at www.vrom.org and www.volvo-frenn.lu.

In good VROM tradition there was also a substantial market with some 70 sellers, selling everything imaginable.