IntelliSafe – improving your safety, every day

IntelliSafe is a suite of intelligent technologies that goes a long way to preventing – or lessening the impact of – a collision. It anticipates danger and can help you avoid it. Think of it as your co-pilot who’s always on the lookout, ready to intervene to help keep you safe.

The all-new Volvo XC90 – our safest car ever

Our new luxury SUV encapsulates everything we know about safety.

Hand over control for a safer journey

We are already testing prototype cars with IntelliSafe Autopilot self-driving technology that will help make journeys more relaxing and safer. When you don’t want to drive, your car will take over at the press of a button, freeing up your time. It will transform your commute.

Connecting with the cloud to keep you safe

Our Connected Safety pilot programme shares information between Volvos via the Cloud to help make roads safer for everyone. This fleet of test cars uses Slippery Road Alert technology to detect icy roads and alert nearby drivers and road authorities to the danger. There’s also a Hazard Light Warning function that warns if another vehicle in the area has its hazard lights on.