Touring Chicago in an XC90

Chicago stories

We explore the Swedish side of Chicago in an XC90, and get to know the locals along the way.

The connection between Chicago and Sweden runs deep. Like a brother and sister who have chosen different roads to follow but whose shared past forms an unbreakable bond. Follow us as we explore the Swedish side of the Windy City from the passenger seat of an XC90.

The Swedish side of Chicago

In the early 20th century, there were more Swedes living in Chicago than in any other city outside of Stockholm. Curious to see how much of Chicago’s Swedish heritage remains, we set out to explore the Windy City in a brand new Volvo XC90. Along the way, we met some of the locals and had the privilege of hearing their Chicago stories – while they had the privilege of trying out some of the functions in our XC90.
The largest city in the Midwest, Chicago is what you make it. You can choose to remain quietly anonymous or dive headlong into the fray. Look in any direction and you’ll find urban attractions that rival those of New York, but with a more down-to-earth attitude that can only be described as Midwestern. Vibrant and international, Chicago hosts a lifetime’s worth of world-class food, music and nightlife, all nestled on the shore of Lake Michigan. The many parks and miles of walking paths along the lake are fantastic for guests who want to be active, while the exclusive shops and restaurants downtown attract those with a taste for the refined. To get a glimpse of the city, and to get to know the XC90 even better, see our filmed meetings with some of Chicago’s residents.

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