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Last updated 10.02.2021

Latest information XC40 Recharge pure electric

The user-friendly Google services really make life easier. And the ability to update your car at any time via the cloud (Over the Air Updates, OTA) ensures that your car gets better all the time. In order to take full advantage of the possibilities of these new functions, we are also further developing the popular Volvo On Call app. Therefore, in 2021 we will continuously introduce new functions in the app so that it gives you the best possible experience.

For XC40 Recharge Pure Electric (model year 2021) the Volvo On Call app is not working at the moment. A first update will come during spring 2021 and will bring you features that will make life with your electric car even more comfortable and easy.

Volvo On Call app updates

Volvo On Call functionalities coming spring 2021 are:

  • Car lock / unlock – remote controlled locking and unlocking of door and tailgate

  • Climate direct start – remote controlled pre-climatization of the cabin before you go

  • Charging status – displaying how much the battery has been charged

  • Management of personal settings of the app and account

Volvo On Call functionalities coming later this year:

  • Climate timers – remote pre-setting of times for pre-climatization

  • Where is my car? – showing the car's location on a map and if necessary, activate the car's horn or indicator lamps

  • Push notification to your phone if your car is unlocked

  • Charging timers – remote pre-setting of when charging should start to take advantage of charging at low tariff times

  • Scheduling update – remote pre-setting of times when the car is going to be updated OTA

  • Car status – displaying mileage and other dashboard driving statistics in the app

  • Journal log to keep track of mileage, destinations and hours

  • Charging saved location – the car remembers the amperage at different charging points

  • Push notifications to your phone when charging starts or has been interrupted

How will I get these updates?

The Volvo On Call updates for the XC40 Recharge pure electric will be sent directly to the car (via OTA), so you don’t have to visit a workshop. All these updates are of course free of charge.