Data transfer between car and workshop via Wi-Fi

Volvo's workshops have a specific Wi-Fi network for secure data transfer between your car and the workshop. Your workshop visit will be simpler and more efficient when the transfer of diagnostic information and software can take place via the workshop's network.

During a workshop visit, your service technician may want to connect your car to the workshop's network via Wi-Fi to perform fault-tracing and software download. For this type of communication, the car only connects to a workshop's network. It is not possible to connect the car to another Wi-Fi network, such as at home, in the same way as to a workshop's network.

Connection with the remote control key

Connection is normally handled by the service technician who then uses the remote control key buttons. That's why it's important to take a key with buttons with you for the workshop visit. Press three times on the lock button on the remote control key to connect the car to the workshop's network via Wi-Fi.

When the car is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the P5–1507–Symbol in status bar–Wi-Fi connected symbol appears in the centre display.


The car must not be driven when connected to the workshop's networks and systems.