Cleaning floor mats and inlay mats

Only use cleaning agents and car care products recommended by Volvo. Clean regularly and treat stains at once for best results. Vacuuming is important prior to using cleaning agents.

Inlay mats and floor mat

Remove inlaid carpets for separate cleaning of the floor carpet and the inlaid carpets. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt.


The inlay mats must not be swung around without care or hit against objects to remove dirt since this can crack the inlay mats.

Each inlay mat is secured with pins.

Remove the inlay mat by taking hold of the inlay mat at each pin and lifting the mat straight up.

Fit the inlay mat in place by pressing it in at each pin.


Only use one inlaid mat at each seat, and check before setting off that the mat by the driver's seat is firmly affixed and secured in the pins so that it does not get caught adjacent to and under the pedals.

A special textile cleaner is recommended for stains on the floor mat after vacuuming. Floor mats should be cleaned with agents recommended by Volvo retailers.