Raise the car

When raising the car, it is important that the jack is fitted in the intended points on the car's underbody.

Applies to cars with Leveling Control*: If the car is equipped with air suspension, this must be disabled before the car is raised.


If the car is raised using a workshop jack, this must be placed beneath one of the four jacking points. Take care to position the workshop jack so that the car cannot slip off. Make sure that the jack plate is fitted with a rubber guard so that the car remains stable and is not damaged. Always use axle stands or similar.


Volvo recommends only using the jack that belongs to the car model in question. If a jack is selected other than the one recommended by Volvo, follow the instructions supplied with the equipment.

The normal car jack is only designed for occasional, short-term use, such as when changing a wheel after a puncture. If the car is to be jacked up more often, or for a longer time than is required just to change a wheel, use of a garage jack is recommended. In this instance, follow the instructions for use that come with the equipment.

P5-1817-S60-Lifting vehicle
The triangles in the plastic cover indicate the locations of the lifting points (marked in red).
  1. * Option/accessory.