Getting started with Volvo On Call*

This article describes what you need to get started with Volvo On Call.


Volvo On Call is a factory option, and the driver should have downloaded the Volvo On Call and tested it in demo mode before collecting the car from the dealer. This makes it possible to explore the majority of functions and provides information on how the app is used. The app is free.

Activation of Volvo On Call

When the car is collected, the retailer activates the Volvo On Call system and the owner receives an automatically generated PIN code for Volvo On Call. This PIN code is used for security reasons to identify the owner of the car (or another approved person such as a family member) and works like a car key.

Volvo On Call subscription

The car must have a valid Volvo On Call subscription.

The subscription is initiated in connection with the purchase of the car when the system is activated. The subscription has a time limit but can be extended, and validity is market dependent. Contact a Volvo dealer for assistance.


Automatic Crash Notification and the SOS button will work even without a subscription.

Volvo ID and connecting the Volvo On Call app to a car

A Volvo ID is needed to use Volvo On Call. After having created a Volvo ID, the Volvo On Call app needs to be connected to the car.


Note that to be able to use the Volvo On Call app, both the owner and the car have to have valid Volvo On Call subscriptions.

Buying a used car with Volvo On Call

When buying a used Volvo with Volvo On Call, it is important to delete data from the previous owner and add your own details to make the service work. Visit a Volvo dealer for assistance.

  1. * Option/accessory.