Managing system updates via the Download Centre

Functions for online car and infotainment can be updated via the Download Centre. Updates can be made one at a time or all at once.

Searching for update

P5-1617-Icon-App screen-OTA

If an update is available, the message New software updates available is shown in the centre display's status bar.

For system updates to be possible, the car must be connected to the Internet1.
Go to Download Centre in the centre display's app view.

If no search has been performed since the last time the infotainment system was started, a search is performed. No search is performed if a software installation is in progress.

A number on System updates shows how many updates are available. One tap shows a list of the updates that can be installed in the car.


Data download may affect other services that transmit data, e.g. Internet radio. If the effect on other services is experienced as disruptive then the download can be interrupted. Alternatively, it may be appropriate to switch off or interrupt other services.


An update can be interrupted when the ignition is switched off and the car is left.

However, the update does not have to be completed before the car is left, this is because the update is resumed the next time the car is used.

Update all system software

Select Install all at the bottom of the list.

If no list is desired, then the Install all option can be selected at System updates.

Update individual system software programs

Select Install for the software required.

Cancelling software download

Tap on X in the activity indicator that has replaced Install at the start of the download.

Note that only the download can be cancelled, when the installation phase has started, this cannot be cancelled.

Deactivating the background search for software update

Automatic search for software updates is activated when the car is delivered from the factory, but this function can be deactivated.

Tap on Settings in the centre display's top view.
Press SystemDownload Centre.
Deselect Auto Software Update.
  1. 1 Data is transferred (data traffic) when using the Internet, and this may involve a cost.