Stolen Vehicle Tracking with Volvo On Call*1

If car theft is suspected, contact a Volvo On Call service centre via the Volvo On Call app or a phone call to attempt to locate the car.

If theft or other unauthorised use of the car has been discovered, then the car's owner along with the police and the Volvo On Call service centre agree that the car should be traced. The Volvo On Call service centre sends a message to the car to determine the car's position. Following which, the police or other authority are contacted.


This also applies if the car was opened and stolen with the associated key.


A condition for the car to be tracked is that the matter is reported to the police. Volvo On Call will only give information to the police.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Does not apply to Volvo On Call markets of type B.