Setting radio favourites

It is possible to add a radio channel to the Radio favourites app and the favourites list for the radio band (e.g. FM). Instructions on how to add and remove favourites can be found below.

Radio Favourites

P5–1507–App-Radio favorites

Radio Favourites shows saved favourites from all frequency bands.

Open the app Radio favourites from the app view.
Tap on the desired station in the list to start listening.

Adding and removing radio favourites

Tap on P5–1507–Phone-Favorite star to add or remove a channel to or from frequency band favourites and Radio Favourites.

When a favourite is saved from a station list, the radio will automatically search for the best frequency. But if a favourite is saved from a manual station search, the radio does not automatically change to a stronger frequency.

When you remove a favourite, it will also be removed from frequency band favourites.