Using voice recognition1

P5–1507–Voice control symbol

Depress the steering wheel button for voice recognition P5–1507–Voice control button to activate the system and initiate a dialogue using voice commands.

Remember the following:
  • Speak after the tone with a normal voice at a normal tempo.
  • Do not speak while the system is replying (the system cannot understand commands during this time).
  • Avoid background noise in the passenger compartment by having the doors, windows and panoramic roof* closed.
Voice recognition can be deactivated as follows:
  • briefly press P5–1507–Voice control button and say "Cancel".
  • a long press on the steering wheel button for voice control P5–1507–Voice control button until you hear two beeps.

To speed up communication and skip the prompts from the system, press the steering wheel button for voice recognition P5–1507–Voice control button when the system voice is speaking and say the next command.

To change the system audio volume, turn the rotary volume knob when the voice speaks. It is possible to use other buttons during voice control. However, other sounds will be silenced during dialogue with the system, which means that it is not possible to execute any functions linked with audio using the buttons.

Example of voice recognition control

Press P5–1507–Voice control button, say "Call [Forename] [Surname] [number category]" - dials the selected contact from the phone book. If the contact has several phone numbers (e.g. home, mobile, work), the right category must be referred to.

So press P5–1507–Voice control button and say "Call Robin Smith Mobile".


The following commands can generally be used, regardless of the situation:
  • "Repeat" - repeats the last voice instruction in the ongoing dialogue.
  • "Cancel" - discontinue the dialogue.
  • "Help" - starts a help dialogue. The system replies with the commands available in the current situation, a prompt or an example.

Commands for specific functions such as phone and radio are described in specific sections.


The number commands are stated differently depending on the function to be controlled:
  • Phone numbers and postcodes must be spoken individually, number by number, e.g. zero three one two two four four three (03122443).
  • House numbers can be spoken individually or in groups, e.g. two two or twenty-two (22). For English and Dutch, several groups can be said in sequence, e.g. twenty-two twenty-two (22 22). For English, double or triple can be used, e.g. double zero (00). Numbers can be given within the range 0-2300.
  • Frequencies can be spoken as ninety eight point eight (98.8), a hundred and four point two or hundred four point two (104.2).

Speed and repetition mode

It is possible to adjust the speed if the voice is speaking too quickly.

Repetition mode can be enabled so that the system repeats what you have said.

To change the speed or activate/deactivate repetition mode:

Press Settings in the top view.

Press SystemVoice Control and select settings.

  • Repeat Voice Command
  • Speech Rate
  1. 1 Applies to certain markets.
  2. * Option/accessory.