Activating/deactivating Steering assistance in the event of a collision risk

The steering assistance function is optional – the driver can choose to activate or deactivate it.
P5-1717-LKA Kollisionsrisk På-Av-Knapp

Activate or deactivate the function using this button in the centre display's function view.

  • GREEN button indication – the function is activated.
  • GREY button indication – the function is deactivated.

This function is activated automatically each time the engine is started1.


When the Collision avoidance assistance function is deactivated, all subfunctions are switched off:
  • Steering assistance at risk of road departure
  • Steering assistance at risk of oncoming collision

Even though it is possible to deactivate the function, it is advisable for the driver to always have it activated since it improves driving safety in most cases.

  1. 1 In certain markets, the setting used when the engine is switched off is reactivated.