Managing subviews in centre display

Home view consists of four subviews: Navigation, Media, Phone and an extra subview. These views can be expanded.

Expanding a subview from default mode

P5-1717-Home screen default vs expanded view
Standard mode and expanded mode of a subview in the centre display.
Expanding a subview:

For tiles Navigation, Media and Phone: Press anywhere on the subview. When a tile is expanded, the extra tile in the home view is temporarily forced away. The other two tiles are minimised and only certain information is shown. When the extra tile is tapped, the other three tiles are minimised and only certain information is displayed.

The expanded view provides access to the basic functions of the app.

Closing an expanded subview:
The subview can be closed in three different ways.
  • Tap on the upper part of the expanded subview.
  • Tap on another tile (this tile will then open in expanded mode instead).
  • Briefly press the physical home button below the centre display.

Opening or closing a subview in full screen mode

The extra tile1 and the tile for Navigation can be opened out in full screen mode, with even more information and more setting options.

When a new subview is opened in full-screen mode, no information from the other subviews is shown.

P5-1507-Icon-Navi launch fullscreen

In expanded mode, open the app in full screen - press on the symbol.

P5-1507-Icon-Navi exit fullscreen

Press on the symbol to go back to the expanded mode, or press the home button at the bottom of the screen.

P5-1717-S90/V90/S90H/V90H/S90L/S90LH-Touch screen-button
Home button for the centre display.

There is always the option to go back to home view by pressing the home button. To go back to the home view's standard view from full screen mode – press twice on the home button.

  1. 1 Does not apply to all apps or car functions opened via the extra tile.