Cross Traffic Alert1*

Cross Traffic Alert (CTA) is a driver support that supplements BLIS2 and is designed to help the driver detect traffic crossing behind the car when it is reversing.

The auto-brake subfunction can stop the car in the event of a risk of collision with an unobserved vehicle.

P5-1507-CrossTrafficAlert Princip
Principle of CTA

CTA supplements BLIS by detecting the approach of crossing traffic during reversing, such as when reversing out of a parking space.

CTA is primarily designed to detect vehicles. In favourable conditions it may also be able to detect smaller objects, such as cyclists and pedestrians.

CTA is only active if the car rolls backwards or if reverse gear has been selected.

If CTA senses that something is approaching from the side, this is also indicated with:
  • an acoustic signal - the sound is heard in the left-hand or right-hand speaker according to the direction from which the object approaches.
  • an illuminated icon in the Park Assist System graphic on the screen.
  • an icon on the Park assist camera top view.
P5-1817-CrossTrafficAlert Screen symbol
Illuminated icon for CTA in the Park Assist System graphic on the screen.
  • If the driver does not observe the warning from CTA and a collision is unavoidable, the auto-brake function takes effect to stop the car, after which the driver display shows an explanatory text message on why the car was braked.


The auto-brake subfunction can only detect and brake for other vehicles that are moving – not for stationary obstacles, a cyclist or a pedestrian, for example.


  • The function is supplementary driver support intended to facilitate driving and make it safer – it cannot handle all situations in all traffic, weather and road conditions.
  • The driver is advised to read all sections in the Owner's Manual that relate to this function to learn about factors such as its limitations and what the driver should be aware of before using the system.
  • Driver support functions are not a substitute for the driver's attention and judgement. The driver is always responsible for ensuring the car is driven in a safe manner, at the appropriate speed, with an appropriate distance to other vehicles, and in accordance with current traffic rules and regulations.
  1. 1 Cross traffic alert when the car is reversing.
  2. * Option/accessory.
  3. 2 Blind Spot Information