Diesel particle filter (DPF)

Diesel cars are equipped with a particle filter, which results in more efficient emission control.

The particles in the exhaust gases are collected in the filter during normal driving. So-called "regeneration" is started in order to burn away the particles and empty the filter. This requires the engine to have reached normal operating temperature.

Regeneration of the particle filter is automatic and normally takes 10-20 minutes. It may take a little longer at a low average speed. Fuel consumption may increase slightly during regeneration.

Regeneration in cold weather

If the car is frequently driven short distances in cold weather then the engine does not reach normal operating temperature. This means that regeneration of the diesel particle filter does not take place and the filter is not emptied.

When the filter has become approx. 80% full of particles, a yellow warning triangle is shown in the combined instrument panel, and the message Soot filter full See manual is shown in its information display.

Start regeneration of the filter by driving the car until the engine reaches normal operating temperature, preferably on a main road or motorway. The car should then be driven for approximately 20 minutes more.


The following may arise during regeneration:

  • a smaller reduction of engine power may be noticed temporarily
  • fuel consumption may increase temporarily
  • a smell of burning may arise.

When regeneration is complete the warning text is cleared automatically.

Use the parking heater* in cold weather - the engine then reaches normal operating temperature more quickly.


If the filter is completely filled with particles, it may be difficult to start the engine and the filter is non-functional. Then there is a risk that the filter will need to be replaced.
  1. * Option/accessory.