Locking/unlocking - tailgate

The tailgate can be opened, locked and unlocked in several ways.

Manual opening

P3-v60/V60H Baklucka öppningshandtag
Rubber plate with electrical contact.

The tailgate is held closed by an electrical lock. To open:

  1. Push down gently on the wider of the two rubberised pressure plates under the outer handle - the lock is released.
  2. Lift the outside handle in order to fully open the tailgate.


  • Minimal force is required to release the rear hatch lock - just gently press the rubberised panel.
  • Do not place the lift force on the rubber panel when opening the rear hatch - lift the handle. Using too much force may damage the electrical contacts on the rubber panel.

Unlocking with the remote control key

p3007 låsning/upplåsning bagagelucka

The alarm for the tailgate can be disarmed* and the tailgate unlocked on its own by using the remote control key's P3-820 Remote key - Icon Tailgate unlock button.

The lock indicator on the instrument panel stops flashing in order to show that not all of the car is locked and the alarm's* level and movement sensors and the sensors for opening the tailgate are disconnected.

The doors remain locked and armed.

  • The tailgate is unlocked, but remains closed - press lightly on the rubberised pressure plate under the outer handle and lift the tailgate.

If the tailgate is not opened within 2 minutes then it is relocked and the alarm is re-armed.

Unlocking the car from inside

P3-13w20-S60/V60/V60H/XC60 Lock/unlock tailgate from inside
Ikon röd cirkel 1Unlocking, tailgate
To unlock the tailgate:
Press the lighting panel button (1).
The tailgate is unlocked and can be opened within 2 minutes (if the car is locked from the inside).

Locking with the remote control key

Press the remote control key's button for locking P3-820 Remote key - Icon Lock, see Remote control key - functions.
The lock indicator on the instrument panel starts flashing, which means that the car is locked and the alarm* has been activated.
  1. * Option/accessory.