City Safety™ - laser sensor

The City Safety™ function includes a sensor which transmits laser light (see illustration for sensor location). Contact a qualified workshop in the event of a fault or if the laser sensor needs servicing - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended. It is absolutely essential to follow the prescribed instructions when handling the laser sensor.

The following two labels relate to the laser sensor:

P3-835-xc60 Decal Laser info

The upper label in the figure describes the laser beam's classification:

  • Laser radiation - Do not look into the laser beam with optical instruments - Class 1M laser product.

The lower label in the figure describes the laser beam's physical data:

  • IEC 60825-1:1993 + A2:2001. Complies with FDA (U.S. Food Administration) standards for laser product design with the exception of deviations in accordance with "Laser Notice No. 50" from 26 July 2001.

Radiation data for the laser sensor

The following table specifies the laser sensor's physical data.

Maximum pulse energy2.64 µJ
Maximum average output45 mW
Pulse duration33 ns
Divergence (horizontal x vertical)28° × 12°


If any of these instructions are not followed then there is a risk of eye injury!

  • Never look into the laser sensor (which emits spreading invisible laser radiation) at a distance of 100 mm or closer with magnifying optics such as a magnifying glass, microscope, lens or similar optical instruments.
  • Testing, repair, removal, adjustment and/or replacement of the laser sensor's spare parts must only be carried out by a qualified workshop - we recommend an authorised Volvo workshop.
  • To avoid exposure to harmful radiation, do not carry out any readjustments or maintenance other than those specified here.
  • The repairer must follow specially drawn up workshop information for the laser sensor.
  • Do not remove the laser sensor (this includes removing the lenses). A removed laser sensor does not fulfil laser class 3B as per standard IEC 60825-1. Laser class 3B is not eye-safe and therefore entails a risk of injury.
  • The laser sensor's connector must be unplugged before removal from the windscreen.
  • The laser sensor must be fitted onto the windscreen before the sensor's connector is plugged in.
  • The laser sensor transmits a laser light when the remote control key is in key position II even if the engine is switched off.