Change of ownership for cars with Volvo On Call*

In the event of change of ownership of a car it is important to change the owner of the VOC service.

Closing the VOC service

Contact a Volvo dealer in the event of change of ownership in order to cancel the VOC service. The dealer cancels the VOC subscription and deletes the service history.

In the event of change of ownership it is important to reset personal settings and user data in the car to the original factory settings, see Change of ownership.

Starting the VOC service

Buying a used car with VOC:

The new owner contacts his/her dealer who transfers the remaining time of the VOC subscription to the new owner. It is important that the contact details are updated for VOC to work, and that the previous owner does not have access to perform services in the car. The new owner is given a personal four-digit PIN code which is required to identify him/her as the owner (or another authorised person) in order to gain access to certain VOC services.

  1. * Option/accessory.