Engine and passenger compartment heater*

Preconditioning prepares the car's heater, engine and passenger compartment before departure so that both wear and energy needs during the journey are reduced.

The heater can be started directly or with a timer.

The heater cannot start if the outside temperature exceeds 15 °C. At –5 °C or lower the maximum running time of the heater is 50 minutes.


Do not use the fuel-driven heater indoors. Exhaust gases are secreted.


When the fuel-driven auxiliary heater is active there may be smoke from the right-hand wheel housing, which is perfectly normal.


P3-sv60/V60H Tanklucka Varning + Lockparkering
Warning label on fuel filler flap.


Fuel which spills out could be ignited. Switch off the fuel-driven auxiliary heater before starting to refuel.

Check in the combined instrument panel that the heater is switched off. The heat symbol is shown when it is operating.

Parking on a hill

If the car is parked on a steep hill, the front of the car should point downhill to ensure that there is a supply of fuel to the fuel-driven heater.

Battery and fuel

If the battery has insufficient charge or the fuel level is too low, the heater will be switched off automatically and a message appears on the information display. Acknowledge the message by pressing the indicator stalk OK button once.


Repeated use of the heater combined with short journeys leads to the battery discharging and consequential starting problems.

The car should be driven for the same time as the heater is used to ensure that the car's battery is recharged adequately to replace the energy consumed by the heater when it is used on a regular basis. The heater is used for a maximum of 50 minutes each time.

  1. * Option/accessory.