Active chassis - Four C*

Active chassis "Four-C" (Continously Controlled Chassis Concept), regulates the characteristics of the shock absorbers so that the car's driving characteristics can be adjusted. There are three settings: Comfort, Sport and Advanced.


This setting means that the car is perceived as being more comfortable on rough and uneven road surfaces. Shock absorption is soft and the movement of the body is smooth and gentle.


This setting means that the car is perceived as being more sporty and is recommended for more active driving. Steering response is faster than in the Comfort mode. Shock absorption is harder and the body follows the road in order to reduce rolling during cornering.


This setting is only recommended on very even and smooth road surfaces.

The shock absorbers are optimised for maximum roadholding and rolling in bends is further minimised.


P3-1020-sv60 4C Panelknappar
Control buttons.

The required chassis setting is selected using the centre console buttons. The setting used when the engine was switched off is re-activated when the engine is next started. The exception is Advanced - it is restarted as Sport.

  1. * Option/accessory.