Internet map - daisy wheel and keyboard

Use the daisy wheel or the centre console keypad for entering and selecting options. For example, enter information about an address or a facility.
P3/P4-1420-IMAP-menu-Search 1
Screen view with text field.

This system uses a "daisy wheel" to enter specific information, e.g. type of POI, city/town, area/country, address, street or post code.

Activate an option

After highlighting a desired function/menu bar using the thumbwheel or the TUNE knob, press the thumbwheel/OK to see the next level of functions/options.

Enter with the daisy wheel

The daisy wheel.
  1. Highlight a text field.
  2. Press OK to call up the daisy wheel.
  3. Select the characters using the thumbwheelTUNE knob and enter them by pressing thumbwheelOK once.

Enter with the numerical keyboard

P3/P4-1420-numerical keyboard
Numerical keyboard.

Another way of entering characters is to use the centre console's buttons 0-9, * and #.

When e.g. 9 is pressed, a bar appears with all characters1 under the buttons, e.g. W, x, y, z and 9. Quick presses on the button move cursor through these characters.

  • Stop with the cursor on the desired character in order to select it - the character is shown on the enter line.
  • Delete/change using EXIT.

More options

Additional options that, amongst other things, provide more characters as well as digits are available in the daisy wheel's inset menu:

  • 123/ABC + OK - the daisy wheel switches between numbers and characters.
  • MORE + OK - alternative characters are shown in the wheel.
  • => + OK - moves the cursor to the list on the right-hand side of the screen where selections can be made with OK.

List with options

List that matches the entered characters.

When searching for countries, available options are listed based on the letters entered. No list is shown for other search fields but instead the search is performed when search is activated.

  1. 1 The character for each button may vary depending on market/country/language.