Lane Keeping Aid (LKA)*

Lane Keeping Aid is one of the functions in the Driver Alert System - sometimes also referred to as LKA (Lane Keeping Aid).

The function is intended for use on motorways and similar major roads in order to reduce the risk of the vehicle accidentally leaving its own lane in certain situations.

Lane Departure Warning LDW or LKA

Volvo has developed two different systems for lane keeping assistance:

  • LDW - Lane Departure Warning which only warns the driver.
  • LKA - Lane Keeping Aid (Lane Keeping Aid) which, in addition to warning the driver, also actively steers the car.

The Volvo V60 can be supplied with both variants - market and engine alternatives determine which of the systems the car is equipped with.

In the event of uncertainty whether the car has LDW or LKA:

  • Open the menu system MY CAR and locate Driver support system - which specifies Lane Departure Warning whether the car has LDW or Lane Keeping Aid for LKA.

Principle for LKA

P4-1220-LKA - Princip
(The figure is schematic - not model specific.)

A camera detects the painted the side lines of the road/lane. If the car is about to cross a side line then Lane Keeping Aid will actively steer the car back into the lane with a slight steering torque in the steering wheel.

If the car reaches or crosses a side line then Lane Keeping Aid will also alert the driver with pulsating vibration in the steering wheel.


LKA is merely a driver's aid and does not engage in all driving situations or traffic, weather or road conditions.

The driver always bears ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the vehicle is driven safely and that applicable laws and road traffic regulations are followed.

  1. * Option/accessory.