Towing capacity and towball load

Towing capacity and towball load for driving with a trailer can be read in the tables.

Max. weight braked trailer

EngineEngine code1GearboxMax. weight braked trailer (kg)Max. towball load (kg)
T3B4164T3Manual, MMT6160075
T3B4164T3Automatic, MPS6160075
T4B4164TManual, MMT6160075
T4B4164TAutomatic, MPS6160075
T4FB4164T2Manual, MMT6160075
T4FB4164T2Automatic, MPS6160075
T5B4204T11Automatic, TG-81SC160075
T5B4204T15Automatic, TG-81SC160075
T52B5204T9Automatic, TF-80SD180090
T6B4204T9Automatic, TG-81SC175090
T6 AWDB6304T4Automatic, TF-80SC 180090
D2D4162TManual, MMT6130075
D2D4162TAutomatic, MPS6130075
D3D5204T7Manual, M66160075
D3D5204T7Automatic, TF-80SD160075
D4D5204T3Manual, M66160075
D4D5204T3Automatic, TF-80SC3 / TF-80SD4160075
D4D4204T5Manual, M66175090
D4D4204T5Automatic, TG-81SC175090
D4 AWDD5244T12Automatic, TF-80SC180090
D4 AWDD5244T17Automatic, TF-80SC180090
D5D5244T11Manual, M66160075
D5D5244T15Automatic, TF-80SC 180090
D5 AWDD5244T15Automatic, TF-80SC 1800 90

Max. weight unbraked trailer

Max. weight unbraked trailer (kg)Max. towball load (kg)
  1. 1 Engine code, component and serial number can be read on the engine; see Type designations.
  2. 2 Only certain markets.
  3. 3 Without Start/Stop.
  4. 4 With Start/Stop.