Fuel - bioethanol E85

Bioetanol E85 is used as the fuel for the car's engine.

Do not modify the fuel system or its components, and do not replace components with parts that are not specifically designed for use with bioethanol.


Methanol must not be used. A decal on the inside of the fuel filler flap shows the correct alternative fuel.

The use of components not designed for bioethanol engines could cause fire, injury or engine damage.

Reserve fuel can


Statutory provisions relating to storage of reserve fuel cans in cars vary from country to country. Check what does apply.

The reserve fuel can should be filled with petrol. For more information, see Starting the engine – Flexifuel.


Make sure the reserve fuel can is securely fastened and that its cap is sealed.


Ethanol is sensitive to sparks, and explosive gases could form in the reserve fuel can if it is refuelled with ethanol.