Lane Keeping Aid (LKA) - limitations

Lane Keeping Aid is one of the functions in the Driver Alert System - sometimes also referred to as LKA (Lane Keeping Aid).

The function is intended for use on motorways and similar major roads in order to reduce the risk of the vehicle accidentally leaving its own lane in certain situations.

Lane Keeping Aid's camera sensor has limitations in a similar way to the human eye.

For more information, read about camera sensor limitations and see Collision warning system* - operation.


In certain demanding situations LKA may find it difficult to assist the driver correctly - in which case it is recommended that LKA is switched off.

Examples of such a situation could be:

  • roadworks
  • winter road conditions
  • poor road surface
  • very sporty driving style
  • poor weather with reduced visibility.

Hands on the steering wheel

In order for Lane Keeping Aid to operate, the driver must have his/her hands on the steering wheel. LKA continually monitors this. If hands are not detected on the steering wheel then a text message is shown, prompting the driver to actively steer the car.

If the driver does not follow the request to begin steering then Lane Keeping Aid goes into standby mode and will remain in this mode until the driver begins to steer the car again.

  1. * Option/accessory.

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