Key positions - functions at different levels

In order to enable the use of a limited number of functions with the engine switched off, the car's electrical system can be set in 3 different levels (key positions) - 0, I and II - with the remote control key. Throughout this owner's manual these levels are described using the denomination "key positions".

The following table shows the functions available in each key position/level.

  • Odometer, clock and temperature gauge are illuminated.
  • Power seats can be adjusted.
  • The audio system can be used for a limited time - see the Sensus Infotainment supplement.
  • Sunroof, power windows, 12V socket in the passenger compartment, navigation, phone, ventilation fan and windscreen wipers can be used.
  • The headlamps come on.
  • Warning/indicator lamps illuminate for 5 seconds.
  • Several other systems are activated. However, heating in seat cushions and the rear window can only be activated after the engine has been started.

This key position consumes a lot of current from the starter battery and should therefore be avoided!

Choosing key position/level

  • Key position 0 - Unlock the car - This means that the car's electrical system is at level 0.
  • Key position I - With the remote control key fully inserted into the ignition switch1 - Briefly press START/STOP ENGINE.


To reach level I or II without starting the engine - do not depress the brake/clutch pedal when these key positions are due to be selected.
  • Key position II - With the remote control key fully inserted into the ignition switch1 - Give a long2 press on START/STOP ENGINE.
  • Back to key position 0 - To return to key position 0 from position II and I - Briefly press on START/STOP ENGINE.

Audio system

For information on audio system functions with remote control key removed, see the Sensus Infotainment supplement.

Starting and stopping the engine

For information about starting/stopping the engine, see Starting the engine.


For important information about the remote control key during towing, see Towing.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Not necessary for cars with the Keyless* function.
  3. 2 Approx. 2 seconds.

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