Distance Warning* - limitations

Distance Warning (Distance Alert) is a function that informs the driver about the distance to vehicles in front. The function uses the same radar sensor as the Adaptive cruise control and Collision warning with auto brake, has some limitations.


Strong sunlight, reflections or strong variations in light intensity, as well as wearing sunglasses, could mean that the warning light in the windscreen cannot be seen.

Poor weather or winding roads could affect the radar sensor's capacity to detect vehicles in front.

The size of other vehicles could also affect detection capacity, e.g. motorcycles. This could mean that the warning lamp illuminates at a shorter distance than the setting or that the warning is temporarily absent.

Extremely high speeds can also cause the lamp to illuminate at a shorter distance than that set due to limitations in sensor range.

For further information on radar sensor limitations, see Radar sensor - limitations and Collision warning system* - operation.

  1. * Option/accessory.