Using Volvo On Call*

Using the VOC system.

In the event of an accident where a belt tensioner, airbag or inflatable curtain is activated, a signal is sent automatically to the VOC Service Centre who ensure that help is sent immediately to your location - police, ambulance or other appropriate action.

An active service is shown by a symbol in the screen.

SOS button - in the event of emergency situations

Press the SOS button for 2 seconds to activate the manual alarm service.

Alternatives to the SOS button

In the normal view for MY CAR, press OK/MENU and select SettingsVolvo On CallSOS.

ON CALL button - in the event of a problem with your car

Press the ON CALL button for 2 seconds in order to activate the service, see Available Volvo On Call* functions.

Alternatives to the ON CALL button

In the normal view for MY CAR, press OK/MENU and select SettingsVolvo On CallOn Call.


The SOS button must only be used in the event of accident, illness or an external threat against the car and its passengers. The SOS function is only intended for emergency situations. Abuse may lead to supplementary charges.

The ON CALL button can be used for all other services, including roadside assistance.

Cancelling a service

A service that has been started can be stopped within 10 seconds with one press on the EXIT button.


Possible options and settings in the menu system.

  • Key lock - decide when the SOS and ON CALL buttons should be activated. The function means that the buttons are only activated if the remote control key is in position I or II, or if the engine is running.
  • Activate subscription - Used to start the subscription.
  • Activate service - Used to activate additional services, e.g. roadside assistance.
  1. * Option/accessory.